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Assam Fish Noodle Soup

30 Mar

When mum was here, she brought with her a whole box of spices from Malaysia. It was lent and it was Friday and I was racking my head as to what to make. Wyld Man isn’t big on fish. I wanted something different. I thought of the box of spices and thought-what can I make with those? What it I used it on fish (they were mostly spices for poultry or beef dishes.) When I was back in Malaysia, there was a shop near dad’s clinic that sold this delicious fish head assam soup with noodles. It was EXTREMELY yummy. Golden, milky, spicy and hot. I craved it. I didn’t know how to make it. I made a guess. And so this recipe was born.


Frozen fish, dried noodles, Nyonya Steam Fish Spices, turmeric powder, okra, tomatoes, milk, African seasoning, salt, pepper and sugar.

Uncle Sun's Brand of Nyonya Steam Fish Spice Paste

This is the first time I’ve used this brand. I imagine you could use substitute brands with similar ingredients. I didn’t take a picture of the ingredients list on the back, but I would hazard a guess and say that any paste with chili, shallots, ginger, garlic, turmeric, lemongrass, galangal should do as well.

Boil some water

Cut the stalk of the okra heads.

I used about 10 little okras for two serves.

Quarter the tomatoes

I used 3 large tomatoes.

Cube the fish

I used Nile perch that were on special-you could use anything as a substitute. The dish has so many spices in it that even fish that smell usually smell fishy won’t. You can also use fish heads for a more intense flavour.

Heat some oil in a pot

Add spices into the pot and stir.

Do not burn the spices. Pour in when the pot is medium hot.

Add the fish and stir.

Add okras

Add a tablespoon of turmeric powder

Add a few dashes of African seasoning


Fill half the pot with boiling water

Add tomatoes

Add half a carton of milk

Add sugar, salt and pepper to taste. Bring to a boil and then lower the heat and simmer for 20 minutes till the soup has thickened considerably. Add your dried noodles and boil till the noodles are soft and floats.



30 Mar

I’ve had my little prince for over 5 weeks now and I still can’t get over him. Everyday I wake up and remind myself that I’m a mother now and that there’s a little person utterly dependant on me. It is a wonderful but heavy responsibility. His every smile and sound and movement is a little miracle for me. I can’t believe that he is the little baby I carried in the womb for 9 months! He’s getting so big now, growing an average of 2 cm a week-at 5 1/2 weeks he is 60cm long, from 50cm when he was born.

He loves having his bath, and he loves being held. He likes listening to music – it calms him down and makes him sleep. He loves curling up on my chest and sleeping. Everyday I discover something new about him. He is starting to look around him and taking an interest in things. He has a wonderful personality and everyday is made more beautiful because of him.

Being a stay-at-home mum is wonderful. I can’t imagine being away from my little prince for any length of time. I love being around my little man and just watching him sleep, or listen to him gurgling and playing. People and told me that everything will change after the little one is born. No social life, sleepless nights, nappies and and crying. Yes, things have changed. But only for the better. What are dirty nappies and sleepless nights when there are beautiful smiles and beaming eyes looking at you? Who needs parties and late nights out when my little prince fills all of my days with joy? Our lives have definitely changed for the better.

Being a mother makes you appreciate all the emotions and feelings that other mothers go through. Love, anxiety, joy, fear, delight. The pain of labour. The satisfaction of giving birth to a healthy baby. Exhilaration and exhaustion.  All of the above and everything in between. It makes you appreciate my own mother and what she went through giving birth to me and bringing me up. Who did fly all the way here to look after me for three weeks after the birth.  Thank you Mi.

Motherhood is such a beautiful thing.

And as I write this, he is curled up on my chest, snoring and sleeping peacefully.

Deo Gratias!