The Prince, An Apron and A Mother’s Day Present

22 May

It’s been some time since I last posted. Sometimes time just gets away from you so fast you don’t realize it. I’ve been meaning to post, but so many things have happened in between then and now. The Little Wyld Man is now 13 weeks old and growing so chubby and talkative. He’s learning to use his hands, he talks and coos when somebody talks to him, and he smiles back at me when I smile at him. He recognizes me and looks for me, and he tells me he’s hungry in his own peculiar way instead of crying-he makes a whinging sort of sound which signals to me he wants some milkies. He loves it when I read to him and he can’t stop cooing at the pictures. He’s also getting balder than both his granpas put together. Here he is in all his princely little glory.

Big Yawn.

Cheeky smileys

Big Wyld Man and Little Wyld Man

Here daddy’s reading Spot Loves His Dad to the Little Wyld Man. He’s paying lots of attention.

Mummy reading a Beatrix Potter book

He looks a little bored here. Maybe he doesn’t like Miss Moppet the little silly kitten.

Aside from that, my sewing student finished her apron.

The front

The back

This was the design she based it on.

It was a fun process showing her how to do it.

Anyways. This year was my first Mother’s Day celebration. Went out with the family to celebrate the mothers and guess what? I got a present from my Little Wyld Man! Wasn’t he clever? He gave me a card and a book.

My lovely card

I didn’t know there were cards for first time mothers! Gotta love Hallmark.

*sigh* Happy....

For my present I got a Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

THE French Cookbook for Servantless Women

Since watching the movie Julie/Julia, I’ve really wanted that book. I tried talking myself out of wanting it, but after reading all the rave reviews on Amazon, it was kind of hard to. Then I tried telling myself that it has no pictures, and what decent cookbook has no pictures? But after reading it, I understand the enchantment. It’s written in a really chatty manner, and even with no pictures, you learn so much! It tells you exactly what type and size of pots and pans to use, which cut of meat, how to cut or treat certain items of food, etc. It totally demystifies french cuisine and makes it achievable. When I first got it I read 80 pages straight. But no, I havent tried making anything yet. I need a bottle of cheap red wine to experiment. And the Wyld Man says I can’t have his. Hmph!

May has been a good month to me. Oh, except for that emergency root canal. Yuck.


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