A Vintage Rabbit Fur

16 Sep

I’ve recently amassed a collection of  vintage coats. Living in a temperate climate, I feel quite justified in doing so. Coats are such necessities in winter. Everything that you wear next to your body remains unseen save for your coat. A beautiful coat and a pair of beautiful boots are absolutely indispensable for a lady. And because that’s what most people will see of you in winter, that’s all the excuse a lady needs to have more than just one.

A recent audit brings my coat count to 6 coats-all vintage or preloved save one, which came from Malaysia, bought before I first moved here. My most recent acquisition came from the Adelaide Vintage Fair last week. I found this beautiful vintage rabbit fur coat on a rack and tried it on…and loved it!

Vintage Rabbit Fur

The previous owner told me it belonged to her mother-in-law and was made in the 50s, but despite that it is in beautiful condition inside and out. The fur doesn’t even need to be dry-cleaned-it smells beautifully fresh. The lining has no tears or holes in it, and it fits perfectly. It’s very hard to get real fur nowadays, and they are up in the thousands of dollars. I kept stroking it and tried it on and Wyld Man said I should get it. So I did. I felt so glamorous when I tried it on. But it’s such a pity the whether is warming up now and I won’t have an excuse to put it on!

Here’s a back view.

Back view

When I first touched it I could feel the difference between it and an acrylic fur-it’s beautifully silky and warms you up immediately when it’s on. And real fur almost always has piecing because you don’t really get large hides from small animals. So this really was the genuine article.

I also came across a genuine Louis Vuiton bag in good condition for $50, but decided against getting it. There was a lady across the table who had been ignoring the bag, but started looking at it when I picked it up, and the minute I put it down, she snatched it up and bought it. I think she might have been afraid that I would pick it up again. I don’t know if carrying a monogrammed portmanteau is really my style, even if I could have gotten a good bargain, so it wasn’t a great loss for me.

The North Adelaide Vintage Fair is held fortnightly on the second and fourth Sunday each month from 9am to 4pm at the Estonion House on Jeffcott St, North Adelaide.  Lot’s of interesting things there to see and buy.

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