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Moving Blogs

5 Feb

Hello dear readers,

After a month of indecision, I’ve decided to move to Blogger at I’ve been humming and harring about doing it for some time and have decided to take the plunge. I’m sad that I’m leaving, because I really enjoyed writing here, and having people  post comments. I love the design of this blog, and the ease of posting. However, I’ve always felt limited by the fact that WordPress does not allow JAVA based scripts or widgets. It seems a small thing, but I’ve wanted to put up Patternreview widgets, Amazon wishlist widgets, and other miscellaneous things.  WordPress has been good to me, but I want more than it can offer.  So it’s goodbye, sayonara.

For readers who are suscribed to this blog, please consider suscribing to the new blog. You can do so by clicking Suscribe to Posts on the left sidebar.