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Baby Shower

17 Jan

A few weeks ago, a friend offered to host a baby shower for me. Sharon had my write out a list of friends I wanted to invite, and a list of items I need for the little Wyld one. The baby shower happened yesterday and we had loads of fun!

I woke up late yesterday-nearly 11.30am-I’ve been feeling my pregnancy symptoms more and more-swelling in my feet and hands, tiredness and general malaise.  I’d gone to the midwife earlier this week and had no symptoms then and I thought I had escaped it. Seems like I spoke too soon. Anyways, I woke up late and realised that I had nothing prepared! The house had not been cleaned, the carrot and celery sticks I had intended to serve had not been cut, things were still strewn around in the lounge and kitchen, the dishes were not done, we hadn’t had lunch, and the nursery was not fit to be seen and the baby shower was supposed to start at 2!

So I went into a frenzy of preparation to get things ready.  Wyld Man helped me loads. He had planned to scoot off with his brother to a brew shop to spend his voucher (which I had given to him as a Christmas present-what was I thinking? More booze!), but he stayed to help me get ready-like the darling he is.

Darling husband before he escaped the hoards of females for some male-bonding time with his brother.

I was undecided as to what to wear-mum had sent me some lovely summer shirred skirts that doubled with a dress, and I had previously thought to wear it with a little crochet shrug, but then I decided to wear my newly sewn denim maternity skirt and broderie smock top with a velvet ribbon. (G0t that top from a Salvos op shop at Goodwood Road-love it!)

My lovely hostess, Sharon, arrived early to help me set up.

Hey Sharon!

Sharon baked the colourful muffins!

So did my wonderful in-laws. Grandma and Carol brought more food! Phew-I had only prepared carrot and celery sticks and a dip. Thank goodness for them!

Taking a rest after doing all the things to help me set up.

Then the other ladies arrived.

We played some games that Sharon organized. First we had a list game-we made a list of all the baby things we could think of-the one who thought of the most items won. Bethany won hands down with 47 items in 4 minutes. She had things like colic powder and lavender oil, things I had no idea a baby would need-but she has 5 younger brothers and sisters, so she would know.

Second game we had was to make a list of words starting with all the letters in my and Wyld Man’s name- and those who had the most number of same words that I thought of wins. The words could be anything baby related-but I had baby THINGS on my mind, so my list was rather noun oriented. I wrote:

J: Joy-others wrote  jumpsuit, jumping jack

O: Onesies-others wrote Ogling baby, Obstetrician

Y: hmm…can’t remember what I wrote for this one. Others wrote Yelling (baby), Youth

C: Cot. Others wrote Cotton Buds

E: Elephant softie. Others wrote earache.

D: Dummy

A:  ….I’ve forgotten what I wrote. Pregnancy does that to you.

M: …

I: Ipecac.  Somebody said yuck when they heard this one.

A: Apply Puree.

N: Nappy.

Everybody took a break from games and I opened my presents.

Baby basket with bath stuff from from Grandma.

Baby fleece jumpuit from Carol.

Next game up was nursery rhymes. I started with Sing a Song of Sixpence. Then everybody had a go-Mary Had a Little Lamb, Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star… We had fun singing.

We had a group photo before we wrapped up things.

Nina took this photo, so she is in the next one.

Sharon had also prepared door gifts for the ladies to take some-chocolate! Always a winner.

I had good time arranging my baby shower gifts today in the nursery.

Piles of baby things to sort out.

Sharon's gift basket with safety plugs and snack cups and bottle brushes for me.

Grandma's gift. That basket will be getting lots of use as a baby bath things basket to keep next to the bath tub.

I got muslin wraps and squares, baby onesies and jumpsuits, a baby album, a nursing cover...

Baby singlet-I can't get over how tiny it is!

I got lots and lots of bibs. I'll never run out of bibs. Ever.

One of the ladies sewed me a Winnie the Pooh floor blanket, and I also got a beautiful luxury blanket for the cot. Other things I got were organic cotton blanket, fleece blanket, Neways Generations  Baby Lotion and Body Wash.  I have some lovely friends and family!

And today at church, a lovely old lady gave me her grandson’s clothes-some of which are brandnew. She also gave me some cot sheets and bassinet sheets, as well as a lovely 50-year-old Italian-made shawl in near perfect condition.

I’m so grateful.