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Beef Mince Curry Pie

11 Feb

With my due date coming up in 13 days (read-24th Feb), I’ve decided that my freezer needs more fast and easy meals for when I’m too exhausted to cook. I recently used a gift card for David Jones given as a wedding present to get a Sunbeam Magic 4-up PieMaker.

My new toy!

She makes 4 pies at once on a non-stick surface.

Isn’t she pretty?

Anyways, here’s a post on how I made a Beef  Mince Curry Pie.

These were the ingredients that I used.

Puff pastry, short crust pastry, carrots, an onion, potatoes, beef mince, worcestershire sauce, flour, mixed herbs, salt and pepper

Curry Powder too!

First, the onion.

Cut in half. And peel.

Make several incisions 1 cm from the top end downwards.

Turn 90 degress and slice thinly.

Makes a very fine and neat dice.

I peel all the carrots and potatoes

Cut the potato 4-5 times lengthwise.

Take half of the slices, lay them flat, and slice lengthwise again in 1 cm widths

Turn 90 degress and cut into 1 cm widths into neat dices.

Slice the carrots lenghwise into 1 cm widths

Turn 90 degrees and cut into 1 cm widths

Put both the diced carrots and potatoes into a microwaveable bowl and microwave on high for 10-15 minutes till soft.

Potatoes and carrots in a bowl to be microwaved.

Or you can boil in a pot of water till soft. Set aside.

Heat up some oil

Throw in the onions

Add 2 big tablespoons of sugar

Stir the onions till translucent.

Beef mince

Add salt, pepper and mixed herbs to the beef mince

Add curry powder


I added about 3 heaping tablespoons of curry. This dries the meat up for browning in hot oil. If the meat was wet, it would not brown properly, but would stew instead.

Add the meat to the hot oil. The onions would have been nicely caramelised by now.

Brown the mince on one side, then turn over.

Add half cup of Worcestershire sauce.

Add the microwaved carrots and potatoes

Add a cup of water. I used the mixing bowl which had curry in it-which is why the water looks like stock

Sprinkle a heaping tablespoon of flour and stir.

I repeated the last two steps twice. You want to get a thick gravy-like consistency. If it gets too thick, add more water and keep stirring to keep the bottom from being burned. Also, taste and adjust. I added more salt, sugar and curry powder at this point.

It's ready to be dished into pies!

The next steps involve pastry and the piemaker.

My pastry cutter which came with the Sunbeam Piemaker

I used the pastry maker to cut out the bottom of the pie. Here I use short crust pastry for the bottom, and puff pastry for the top.

The pastry cutter cuts the pastry into this shape. I fold the little cuts on the edges to form a little cup.

Put them into the pie-holes and fill with yummy beef mince curry filling!

Top it off with puff pastry rounds

Shut the lid and wait 8 minutes.

Perfect pies!

I made 16 pies and froze most of them.

Wyld Man ate two. He loves it.