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Sewing Lessons and Gestational Diabetes.

20 Jan

Had my sewing student over today.

My diligent student hard at work. Isn't she sweet?

This is her third lesson and we’ve been making an apron. I helped her draft an apron that she saw online and wanted to make.

Funky Apron Top

I thought it was rather similar to mine in the front.

My apron from leftover curtain material.

Anyways, we’ve been cutting and marking the pattern for the apron the last lesson, and only got to sewing today. However, the straps were a nuisance to make and iron, so that ate a lot of time and she was only able to sew the bra top this morning.  But I’m hopeful that she can finish the apron in the next lesson. This is what my dining room table looked like after we finished cutting and marking the apron fabric.

Necessary sewing messes.

I still have the baloons up from the baby shower.

Anyways,  I noticed that for the past 2 days  including today, I’ve been feeling excessively thirsty. Carol was concerned that it was gestational diabetes, especially since she remembered that my feet were swollen a few days ago, and still does a little now. And I was complaining of feeling drained and fatigued all day yesterday.So I called up the Women’s and Childrens midwife and they told me to come in for some tests.  I got Grandma and Grandpa to drive me there. Good thing I went of that hospital tour on Monday, because I knew exactly where to go today.

They checked my vital signs and my glucose and blood pressure tests came back normal. They got me hooked up to a monitor for fetal heartbeats and uterine contractions for 45 minutes and that came back normal as well. However they couldn’t figure out why I had this unquenching thirst no matter how much I drank, so I’m to go back tomorrow morning at 730am for a fasting glucose test. Darn. No food from midnight tonight till then. I’m gonna starve! Hopefully though, my test will come back normal (fingers crossed.)

There was an Anglicare opshop right across the hospital, so Grandma said we’d stop by there and see if they were open. I went in and came out with a pink dressing gown-I already have one, but it’s a really heavy fleece one for winter. This one would be suitable to summer-and I’m planning to bring it to the hospital for the birth. It was Aud 12 though, which I thought was rather pricey for an op shop. But I tried it on and really liked it. So.

By the way, Wyld Man wore the white checked men’s shirt in Size 40 which I got at Salvos 2 days ago to work today. He looked really good in it, despite it being one size larger than what he normally wears. I’m happy that my purchases are being put to good use.